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The Daily Echo: 60 Years and still going strong. January 6, 2018

January 6, 2019

This past weekend we had the joy of celebrating my parents 60th Anniversary. As a children we quickly find those Hero’s that inspire and lift us up. For some that Hero is a fictional character who can slay dragons. Some our lucky enough to someday meet the Hero’s the tried to emulate. And for the very few those Hero’s are part of their everyday life. My Mom and Dad have been that Hero for me and for countless others. It was fun as our family collected memories and stories of these 2 larger than life Hero’s. On this short video we capture only a few.

The word Hero means…..One who has the strength of 2 and the weapon a Hero uses is LOVE….. How fitting for my 2 Hero’s. Love you Mom and Dad and Happy 60th.

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