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The Daily Echo: A Day In the Life of Fraser….. March 5, 2016

March 5, 2016

Those who know our family know our love for dogs. The total is now 5…. My wife has always said nobody loves you more than your dog. I have watched over and over again our dogs comfort and come to the aid of a sad family member. Personally for me I have found many times as I am feeling the stress of life, one of them come up and lick, or roll over and the stress melts away. In today’s episode we highlight Fraser and allow you to watch a typical day in his life. Many of our friends own therapy dogs and those special animals touch the lives of millions across our country each day. The cover photo today is Romell at St. Joseph’s. He is a Standard Poodle from Harmony Mountain Hunting Poodles, who breed the finest service, therapy, field, and just plain family dogs.

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