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The Daily Echo: A Friend to All: September 9, 2018

September 9, 2018

What if???? What if everyone regardless of race, religion, habits, beliefs, and ideas decided to be a friend to everyone??? Hmm you might wonder. “That’s impossible, how can I be a friend who is a democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, black, white, hispanic, and so forth. Boy as I look around I am so saddened by the constant barrage of insults and hate seen just about everywhere we look. The media only worsen’s the problem by focusing on it for 99% of it’s coverage. It’s time to turn the TV’s off and Love unconditionally. Yes it’s hard. It’s hard for many to love when they don’t agree. Loving doesn’t mean we agree it means we value you as a person no matter what you think. Time to Love. To to be a Friend to All.

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