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The Daily Echo: A Message to Our Children: November 6, 2020

November 6, 2020


I’m really excited to share this new Mastery Session with you as it’s all about developing children of high integrity, deep ingenuity and strong leadership capability. In this episode you’ll discover: –specific tactics to deepen your relationship with your kids –how to grow children who lead and excel –ways to build your children into genius-level performers who raise the world via their lives. Hope all this free content I work so hard to handcraft for you is helping elevate the important arenas of your life. — More Resources If You’re Ready to Go Deeper: Robin loves helping + serving… –if you want a potent learning tool to rewire your mindset [and heartset] so you stay strong and undefeatable, Robin has created The Mental Mastery Toolkit. Zero cost. Just use it and share it. Get it here: –to join the millions of people who watch Robin’s Mastery Sessions podcast, subscribe here‎: – Again, a free [and handcrafted] resource with superb content. –if you want to attend Personal Mastery Academy in June this year, definitely get onto the waiting list here: – Robin would love to work with you over these 2 life-changing days. ——– Stay Connected: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn:…

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