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The Daily Echo: Agency and Anger (Lynn Robbins). April 8, 2018

April 8, 2018

Just this past week I was discussing the topic of Family and Anger with another person. There had been a death in the family of this person and the settlement of the Will had left many of them on Non-Speaking terms. I believe the family is the greatest place we find joy, happiness and love. So why then does this same family union also have moments of anger, despair, and pain. On today’s echo I share a video from an older talk by Elder Lynn Robbins with added examples. Anger many times is the culprit of these hardships in our families. How often have we used the phrase, “I am sorry I just lost my temper”….Hmmm Lost? Take a listen and all of us can do a better job of love and compassion in our most treasured relationships on earth.

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