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The Daily Echo: Are They Hiding Jeffrey Epstein’s Video Tapes with Chad Prather? January 13, 2024

January 13, 2024

6,405 views Premiered Jan 11, 2024 The Chad Prather PodcastIt’s time to stop giving in to the insanity around you! In this episode, Chad brings to light and discusses the information the media and Hollywood elite desperately want to keep hidden. From Epstein’s island to the predatory shadows of Harvey Weinstein, from the silenced voices of Palestine to the muffled whispers of Hollywood’s Hamas sympathizers, Chad peels back the layers of cover-ups and suppression. Why are THEY so desperate to hide the evidence and tapes from Epstein Island? Chad exposes the hypocrisy of celebrities who preach social justice while turning a blind eye to injustice closer to home. Join Chad to expose the insanity of Hollywood’s cover-ups. Join the community – Chapter Markers 00:00 Insanity 1:29 Today’s List of Insanity 2:08 Quote of The Day 3:10 Share Chad’s Show With Others 4:38 Feedback on Chad’s New Set 5:18 Patriot Mobile 6:35 The Bass Pro Shop Naked Swimmer 8:14 Door Rips off Boeing Plane Mid Flight 9:00 Guy Attacks Judge in Las Vegas Courtroom 10:30 Stephen Hawking on Epstein’s List 12:15 Chad’s Docuseries on Jeffrey Epstein 14:00 Stephen Hawking’s Nefarious Acts 15:30 Ghislaine Maxwell Reports Tapes 17:00 Jeffrey Epstein 18:07 Jim Gaffigan at the Golden Globes 19:36 Hollywood Elites & Harvey Weinstein Scandal 22:45 Was Donald Trump Involved? 23:50 The Clintons Are Still Impacting American Policy 25:40 Suppression of Information 26:37 My Patriot Supply 27:58 Conspiracy Theories? Or Facts? 31:54 Hakeem Jeffries 33:00 Why Are Hollywood Elites & Gen Z Supporting Hamas? 35:00 Texas A&M University at Qatar 37:10 Taylor Swift Can’t do a Show in Gaza 38:22 Prepare Yourself For What is Coming 38:50 Why Are They Suppressing Epstein’s Tapes? 39:00 Chad’s Live Shows And Upcoming Tour Dates 40:22 Chad’s Proud Dad Moments 42:05 Chad’s Parting Thoughts 43:40 Sign up to

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