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The Daily Echo: Are you a Winner?? November 5, 2015

November 5, 2015

What separates the winners from the losers? Is it the score of a sporting event? What about in business? Are you a loser because someone else in your field makes more money than you? How about in our families? What about your personal life? How do you define WINNING? How do you define whether you are winning in life or losing? Most of us “think” we can define winning and losing by a “number”….. Money? Cars? Houses? The tabloids are full of the “winners” in these categories that overdose, take antidepressants, dealing with another divorce or family issue. You and cannot define winning and losing by a number and we never will. You see your best may be way better than the best of who you are comparing yourself against. Or your Best may be worlds apart from the other person you compare yourself too. When it all comes down to it we play the game of life against ourselves……… Start today by competing against YOU…. Yep that’s right YOU…. Did you do the best YOU could do today???? Where you honest in all your dealings today? Not more honest than him or her…… When we start measuring our winning and losing in terms of our potential we then can get to the places in life we desire. The best part is the journey will be full of life of joy not just a destination of joy. Start today.

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