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The Daily Echo: Are you Keeping your Children SAFE from the devastating effects of pornography? April 3, 2016

April 3, 2016

If you are a parent make sure to watch today’s episode…… As a parent we wouldn’t dare let our children play in a busy street, play with toxic chemicals, swim unattended, and the countless other ways we know they could get hurt….. In today’s world of cell phones, computers, TV, and endless amount of digital media are we protecting them from something so devastating it can cause permanent brain, emotional, and mental damage. This topic can be difficult to address especially with younger children. But if you don’t take time to teach them about it, trust me they will learn in from friends at school, social media, or somewhere else. We now know scientifically the lasting damaging effects of this horrible drug. Our children are the greatest treasures we have. Make sure to keep them away from this poison by talking to them. Use today’s short clip to give you ideas and if you feel it’s appropriate you can view it with them.

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