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The Daily Echo: Are you ready for what the Kettlebell can do your you? September 17, 2015

September 17, 2015

In my mind the Kettlebell is the best overall piece of equipment you can own. You can literally work every muscle in your body with this cannon ball with a handle attached to it. Everyday I hear excuses on how expensive it is to go to the gym or buying equipment for the home. Problem solved…. Get a Kettlebell and learn how to use it. The Kettlebell burns more calories than any other type of exercise aside from “uphill cross country skiing”. You can burn 20 calories per minute doing the Kettlebell snatch…….. Today I feature a short promo video of one of Kettlebell’s finest teachers Steve Cotter. Not only does Steve teach it well he is one of the most accomplished Kettlebell athletes. If you are serious about getting into shape look no further than the Kettlebell. Make sure to learn the proper technique’s and form before you begin a Kettlebell program. As great as Kettlebell is to get you in shape it can cause serious injuries and even death if not taught by a trained professional.

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