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The Daily Echo: Becoming Aware of others and Almonds? August 7, 2017

August 7, 2017

It’s All Good is the Brain Child of Adam Cox (Lukas) and Dr. Eric Lane. Adam has been in Radio for over 30 years. During that time he has been in the top markets of the country and rubbed shoulders with thousands of celebrities and entertainers. Dr. Eric Lane has been a physician for 25 years. He is an Author, Speaker and Life Coach. Together they have a vision of uplifting and encouraging people around the world. It’s All Good is aimed to bring you weekly Video Cast’s with inspirational and actionable plans to help everyone increase their personal happiness. We will be bringing you the shakers of the world that inspire and uplift those they teach. We are determined to bring ONLY GOOD.. Remember IT’s All Good. It’s All Good Episode #4….  Great episode today.  We review last weeks challenges.  This week we focus on “Becoming Aware” of those around you.  Do you know your wife’s favorite food or those things that mean the most to her?  How can we possibly show love and compassion when we don’t take time to become aware of the needs of others?  We also talk about a wonderful diet trick for those of you wanting to lose more weight and get healthier.  Take a look and make sure and follow us.  We will soon be releasing these podcasts on iHeart Radio App.  Download your iHeart Radio App today.

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