The Daily Echo: Behold Thy Mother…. May 14, 2017

May 14, 2017

On this Mother’s Day 2017 we celebrate my favorite people in this world. No greater love has this world seen aside from that of our Savior than that of a Mother. My life has been blessed with almost 51 years of that unconditional love from my sweet mother. Her life has been more about me (us) than it ever has been about her. I have watched my sweet wife for almost 30 years follow the example of her sweet mother in loving with that same love. As I have enjoyed the the awesomeness of being a grandfather (far far) I have watched my sweet daughter in law naturally become a near perfect mother, and currently watching my sweet daughter mother with all the love she can a soon to be born little one. Why is it that these women all over the world can put aside all selfish desires and do more for us than we can for ourselves? Let us all try a little harder to not only recognize Mothers for being the single greatest profession in the world, but by showing them daily how grateful we are for them. Today’s short animated clip should be watched by everyone. Enjoy.

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