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The Daily Echo: Can you Run Pain-Free in Barefoot Sandals? January 6, 2024

January 6, 2024

Barefoot running, and similarly minimalist running in thin sandals, have allowed me to become a regular runner for the longest periods in my life. I have 3 guests to help me explain why this technique is so helpful for developing an awareness which can help you run pain and injury-free. My next video project will feature more of these interviews which covered topics like shoemaking and running technique, and the video will also help guide you in making or fitting huarache sandals into your running habit. This video contains no sponsored content. I do not have a financial relationship with the companies in this video and I purchased all the equipment with my own money. I do not have affiliate relationships. Guests: Steven Sashen, CEO Xero Shoes YT:    / @themovementmovementpodcast   Josh Stiles, Owner Shamma Sandals YT:    / @shammasandals   Randy Kreill, Minimalist running ultramarathoner YT:    / @randykreill   For more information, check out these links: Excercising health transition into barefoot shoes:    • How to Transition to Barefoot Shoes S…   My favorite foot strengthening and flexibility exercises:    • Virtual Kinstretch – Runner Edition   Irene Davis has amazing research, here’s a talk of hers:    • Irene Sprague Davis: Let’s Think Abou…   Shamma Sandals: Xero Shoes:

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