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The Daily Echo: “Cancer” You can Fight for your Life…. July 22, 2016

July 22, 2016

We have all read the story or watched the video of “That” person who beat the odds…. That person who overcame and lived when doctors told him or her there was nothing they could do. Cancer is part of our daily lives in one way or another. Back in 1991 I was introduced to the work of Dr. Bernie Siegel….. Since that time I have recommended his work to hundreds of patients who have been given the dreaded diagnosis of Cancer. If you or someone you love are fighting this diagnosis take time to watch today’s episode…. Bernie over the years has had much greater success than many in his field. Why? Bernie deals with the WHY to live??? Bernie deals with the whole person not just the disease… Bernie has the patient ask some serious questions and understand the body has amazing healing powers if the person really wants to keep getting up everyday. The statistics are clear…… A large % of people will die within 2 weeks of when the doctor tells them, “you have x amount of time to live”….. IF???? Yes IF the brain accepts it…..The body gets programed to shut down and it does. Hope is the first stage and the will to live starts the process to fight for life. Please take time to share this message of hope with those dealing with this dreaded disease…

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