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The Daily Echo: Choose the Light…… November 27, 2016

November 27, 2016

Today’s clip is wonderfully done. How often in life do we ignore divine help until we really need it? How often are we ungrateful for all of our blessings until our life takes an unexpected turn? I believe our Father in Heaven is always there for us……But we make the choice to Choose him or the world. The world teaches us now that there is no God and a belief in him is kin to believing in fairy tales….. The world teaches us that wrong is right and right is wrong now. When you decide to stand up for righteous principles and morals you are guilty of some form of inequality towards others. The Savior has taught us to love unconditionally….But he never approved of wrongful acts and sinful behavior. Choosing the light is a choice…..Take time to watch today’s short clip and know that if we Choose the Light we will be blessed.

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