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The Daily Echo: Compare or Create? June 5, 2014

June 5, 2014

In Dave Blanchard’s book, “Today I begin a new life” he talks about comparing or creating. What are we doing on a daily basis. If we are choosing to constantly live in avoid and fantasy thinking we are probably spending most of our time comparing to others. You see in this world everything is perfect. The car never breaks down, there is no morning breath, no body odor, no fighting or arguing, no physical imperfections. When we are forced back into reality which can never stack up we are not satisfied with our current conditions. How can we be grateful for our life in reality when we just spent 20 minutes living in a fantasy world of perfection. Now on the other hand if we have those goals and dreams and spend our time creating our future by planning and getting passionate about that goal we can find joy in the journey. Spend today and take stock of what you have. If you sit down and list all of the wonderful blessing you have and stop going into the fantasy world your gratitude will increase ten fold.

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