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The Daily Echo: Destroy The Enemy Within You…. August 23, 2016

August 23, 2016

Most days we get up with a game plan to attack the enemy or obstacles WE THINK are “OUT THERE”…. The reality is???? The biggest enemy we usually face is……..OURSELVES!!!! What you say…ME??? How can “I” be the enemy?? What do you mean ME? Understand it was not an intentional decision…It just happened…. You allowed negative things in the past to seep into your mind… You listened to the naysayers and now your mind has become your biggest naysayer.. How often do you evaluate what you are telling yourself???? It begins when you start to question those unhealthy thoughts and negative feelings that are not the real you. Today we feature Derek Clark again…Enjoy this short clip and Destroy that enemy within you…

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