The Daily Echo: Developing The Muscle UP on a Bar…Grip tutorial: January 4, 2021

January 4, 2021

Learn how to do the slow muscle up with these 3 AMAZING tips! The slow muscle up is an impressive calisthenics skill that takes a lot of strength, control, and technique to achieve. This video shows you how to learn the slow muscle up, plus 3 key tips that will help you master it quickly and effectively. It also contains the progressions for the slow muscle up, so that you can begin learning it straight away. Why learn the slow muscle up? The slow muscle up comes with a few unexpected benefits. Yes, it looks awesome, but it also helps to strengthen your normal muscle ups, too. The hardest parts of the slow muscle up are (1) maintaining an overhand grip and (2) transitioning over the top of the bar. Many calisthenics athletes prefer to use an overhand grip (also known as a “false grip”) when performing normal muscle ups because it makes it easier to transition over the top of the bar. Learning the slow muscle up gives you the incentive to train and strengthen your overhand grip, because using an overhand grip makes it easier to perform the slow muscle up. The strength gained from training the overhand grip for the slow muscle up translates into the normal muscle up, which makes it easier to perform multiple reps of standard muscle ups as well as slow muscle ups. The strength gained from performing a slow transition over the bar also translates into normal muscle ups, too. The hardest part of the muscle up – whether slow or normal – is the transition over the top of the bar. The slow muscle up is great for training the transition portion of the muscle up, because you spend much longer in this portion doing a slow muscle up than you do with a regular muscle up. By building this very specific kind of strength with the slow muscle up, you will begin to find it easier to make the transition with regular muscle ups too. Hope you enjoy this slow muscle up tutorial, and please leave a comment telling me which tutorial you would like to see next! Subscribe to Ashton Fitness here (it’s free!):… Follow me on Instagram:… Follow me on Twitter: Music by:

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