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The Daily Echo: Difficulty….. September 26, 2016

September 26, 2016

Difficulty……. Hmm I think we have all been through some difficulties… This weekend a sweet aunt of my wife passed away. Her name was Cyrene.. I met Cyrenne almost 30 years ago. At the time she was relatively health but had a noticeable limp. Eventually that limp led to hip replacement, then confinement to a wheelchair, eventually she had amputation of one leg due to other issues and on and on. When Cyrenne finally left us she had been afflicted with throat cancer, bone cancer, diabetes that led to amputation, a stroke and the list goes on.. The last time I saw Cyrenne was at my mother in law’s funeral in March. Cyrenne showed up with a smile on her face like I always saw. Durning the funeral she rolled her chair up and gave a lovely tribute to her sister in law once again with that smile on her face. I don’t ever remember cyrenne complain through all the difficulties she had in life and it made me think. Why do some of us constantly focus on our difficulties, while some look to lift others up? Why did Cyrenne find comfort in service and love to others while her own difficulties where at times unbearable? My life will be forever changed by this sweet example of how to live life. Her loss is difficult for us to bear, especially Ronnie, but now her pain is gone. Thank you Cyrenne for living each day and finding as much happiness as you could find. As you watch today’s clip evaluate your own life. Are you a Cyrenne always looking to find good when there is so much bad around you, or is it easy for you to find bad when so much good is around you?

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