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The Daily Echo: Do you Gossip? June 20, 2014

June 20, 2014

Growing up my dad had a great analogy of gossip. He told us if you were to take a bag of feathers and leave 1 feather at the door step of every door in town. Now in a week go back and collect all of those feathers. We all know that would be impossible with the wind blowing them around. Gossip like these feathers can never be taken back. It damages people in so many ways. Many times the gossip spreads like wild fire and the stories get bigger and further from the truth. I know most of us have been victim to gossip at one time in our life. Ask yourself did you like it? Obviously the answer is no. Take a proactive approach to gossip. When you are with a group of friends and someone starts the gossip session about someone (usually not present) step forward and say something nice about that person. You might be amazed at how the gossiping stops.

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