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The Daily Echo: Exercise is Really Good for you…All of you… September 29, 2015

September 29, 2015

Every week I will have at least one older patient who can’t squat down to pick up something off the floor tell me something like this. “My GP says not to squat because it’s bad for my knees.” As I scratch my head and wonder what his/her physician is thinking I get frustrated. The lack of movement is what is getting many into trouble in this country. Exercise is essential. Today I highlight a video with multiple studies showing all of the areas exercise helps us. With multiple diseases from osteoarthritis to multiple sclerosis exercise is essential for us to get and remain healthy. Just remember this, Every Good Hormone You Produce is stimulated by exercise. With exercise it’s about finding something you like to do (weight training, cross fit, yoga, pilates, dancing, walking, running, zoomba, boxing, kick boxing, martial arts…. the list goes on and on) Once you find something you enjoy you will do it. Not only will you drop some unwanted and needed body fat you will feel great and begin to get healthier.

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