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The Daily Echo: Father’s Are YOU There? June 18, 2017

June 18, 2017

I love this clip today. As you watch it and listen ask yourself that question regarding you as a parent??? Are you there? I know on this father’s day 2017 one thing is for certain. My Dad has always been there. Amidst a barrage of “to do list’s” my Dad always seems to have….He is always there. His life has always been about others. My Dad is from the “old school”… You know that school that values integrity, hard work, justice, you reap what you sow…. He is also one of the most merciful, compassionate, and charitable people I know. I often think of our Father in Heaven who operates in a like manner. As you watch today’s echo contemplate if you are there for your children???? Take and honest inventory of where you are and start putting that phone down a bit more, turn that TV off, leave your desk, and sit down and roll and laugh on the floor with your true treasures of life. Thanks Dad again for being there always…. Through the good, but most important and life saving…through my storms.

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