The Daily Echo: Feel the moment….Great music to inspire: June 15, 2023

June 15, 2023

Enjoy the moment with this new mix of 432hz music🎡. Relax your mind, live in the present, feel the present, feel the universe around you. Turn on all your senses and let the energy flow through you. Breathe. You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. (Cristoforo Colombo) Personal Social Links: Reddit :… Twitter : The image is personal, it cannot be found online, write me on one of the two social networks (twitter, reddit) I will send you the link to download it. For this mix we have to thank : Whitesand . A fantastic artist who gives us his art. πŸ™β€Š All his links in description below. Support him. Whitesand Links: YouTube Channel:    / @whitesandcomposer   Spotify: Website: Support making these tracks: Buy Music: Instagram: Track List: 00:00 Whitesand – Adventure Begins    β€’ Whitesand – Adven…  05:04 Whitesand – Circle of Life    β€’ Sad Emotional Dra…  09:32 Whitesand – Olympus    β€’ Olympus – Instrum…  14:05 Whitesand – Honor    β€’ “Honor” – Epic Sa…  22:46 Whitesand – Dreams of Hope    β€’ Whitesand – Dream…  27:22 Whitesand – Kingdom    β€’ Kingdom – Instrum…  31:52 Whitesand – Eternity    β€’ Whitesand – Etern…  37:49 Whitesand – Melody Of My Dreams    β€’ Inspiring Emotion…  41:47 Whitesand – Liberation    β€’ Whitesand – Liber…  46:08 Whitesand – The Power Within    β€’ Whitesand – The P…  49:42 Whitesand – Beyond    β€’ Beautiful Cinemat…  53:03 Whitesand – The Dark Knight    β€’ “The Dark Knight”…  58:21 Whitesand – Highway    β€’ Emotional Cinemat…  01:03:14 Whitesand – Those We Love    β€’ Whitesand – Those…  01:09:14 Whitesand – Rise    β€’ Rise – Instrument…  01:13:22 Whitesand – Imperfections    β€’ Emotional Music -…  01:18:13 Whitesand – The Sun Is Rising    β€’ Emotional Cinemat…  01:23:31 Whitesand – Glory    β€’ Epic Trailer Musi…  01:26:48 Whitesand – My Spirit Is Free    β€’ Sad Dramatic Emot…   Thank you for watching this video! If you enjoyed it, don’t forget to leave a like and a comment below. And most importantly, make sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss the next videos! πŸ”” Keep following the channel for more fantastic videos! πŸ‘ #epicmusic#inspirationalmusic#cinematicmusic#backgroundmusic#motivationalmusic#upliftingmusic#ambientmusic#orchestralmusic#432hzmusic#432hz

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