The Daily Echo: Filling our Minds with the Power of Jesus Christ: April 2, 2024

April 2, 2024

My prayer at this Easter season is that we will more consciously shape, strengthen, and secure this preeminent thought of Jesus Christ in the chambers of our soul, allowing it to eagerly flow into our mind, guide us in what we think and do, and continually bring the sweet joy of the Savior’s love. Filling our mind with the power of Jesus Christ does not mean that He is the only thought we have. But it does mean that all our thoughts are circumscribed in His love, His life and teachings, and His atoning sacrifice and glorious Resurrection. Jesus is never in a forgotten corner, because our thoughts of Him are always present and “all that is in [us adores] him!”We pray and rehearse in our mind experiences that have brought us closer to Him. We welcome into our mind divine images, holy scriptures, and inspired hymns to gently cushion the countless daily thoughts rushing through our busy lives. Our love for Him does not shield us from the sadness and sorrow in this mortal life, but it allows us to walk through the challenges with a strength far beyond our own. In this Easter season, I witness the complete and absolute truth of the Savior’s incomparable atoning sacrifice and of His glorious Resurrection. As your mind remains firmly and forever upon the thought of Jesus Christ, and as you continue to focus your life more fully on the Savior, I promise you that you will feel His hope, His peace, and His love. #BecauseOfHim ▶︎ SUBSCRIBE to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the latest videos: 🔔 Turn on notifications to stay updated with new uploads! ▶︎ The Church of Jesus Christ Instagram:   / churchofjesuschrist   ▶︎ The Church of Jesus Christ Facebook:   / churchofjesuschrist   ▶︎ The Church of Jesus Christ Twitter:… Visit us on our WEBSITE:

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