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The Daily Echo: First Stand Up Desk School…….. May 9, 2016

May 9, 2016

The past few weeks we have featured “Deskbound” from Kelly and Juliet Starrett. They were solely responsible for buying standup desks for the first classroom in the school. Then they spearheaded the fundraising for the rest of the classes. They already knew the data that would support having stand up desks in all of our schools. Take a look at todays clip and see what the kids thought about these desks. Do you realize that if you were to convert to a stand up desk you would burn an equivalent to 23 marathons a year just by doing that. Children will burn 25%-35% more calories a day by standing. Have you tried to reduce their caloric intake by that much? It’s much easier to get them standing. As we look for ways to improve our children’s education we must not overlook how they are learning. ADHD and other learning and behavioral issues show incredible improvement when kids are up and moving. SAT scores are 100-200 points higher when taking the test standing up. Take a look today.

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