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The Daily Echo: Forgive me when I whine: July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

In today’s episode I recite the classic poem, “O God, forgive me when I whine”. We have all heard about how lucky we are to have our eyes, ears, arms, and legs. But how many times do we really think about that. Have you ever tried to do your daily activities for just 15 minutes blindfolded, or tie your shoes with one arm. If you were to take just one day and take away your hearing you might begin to understand how hearing sounds impacts our lives. Many of us find hundreds of reason’s why we can’t do this or that. We complain, and yes we whine, when in all reality we have no reason to whine at all. Instead of looking at those things in life you don’t have, take inventory of what gifts and blessings you do have.

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