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The Daily Echo: Free+Style Seminar with Carl Paoli…. September 28, 2016

September 28, 2016

The Daily Echo: Free Style Seminar Review with Carl Paoli… September 28, 2016 from Dr. Eric Lane on Vimeo.

Today we are live again but with a special guest. Because of my affiliation with MWOD and Kelly Starrett I learned about Carl Paoli. Carl is the founder of GynasticsWod and now Carl is the author of the best selling and award winning book “Freestyle”… Earlier this month my daughter Anika and I attended his Free Style Seminar in Mesa Arizona. I caught up with Carl and he shared some thoughts with me on today’s episode. If you get the opportunity to attend anything Carl teaches you will be blown away by his ability to not only know proper movement patterns, but recognize poor patterns, and teach you step by step ways to correct and improve. Carl is the genuine article. The entire day was a blast. Carl’s passion for what he does is felt by everyone in the room, you can tell he loves what he does. If you had to hang out with anyone for a day, Carl is your guy. Laid back, full of life and passion and a bunch of fun. Thanks again Carl for taking time to chat with me. Go over to and you will find a wealth more info on Carl and his exceptional talents. Also pick up a copy of Free Style and get moving the right way.

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