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The Daily Echo: GET UP EARLY with Robin Sharma. April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Every person I know that is the best of the best gets up early. Look around you and you will begin to notice that those few people that are always ahead of the crowd don’t sleep in. There is so much to do early in the morning to prepare each of us for a great day. But if you are like many you will hit that snooze button again and again and before you know it you are rushing out of bed and morning just became a hectic mess. Typically the way you start the day is the way the day ends. Stephen Covey says getting up when we decided to the night before is the PRIVATE VICTORY we all need first thing in the morning. By keeping this commitment to yourself you will then keep others, like your commitment to good food, exercise, and the list goes on and on. Today I play a clip with Robin Sharma on his thoughts about getting up early. Enjoy.

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