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The Daily Echo: Got Pain? Try Point (Vector) Isometrics with Kelly Starrett: July 31, 2023

July 31, 2023

Got pain? Try point (vector) isometrics. In climbing, when you have two anchors and apply a load between them, that’s called a vector load. Even without much loading at the point of application, the effects at either end (the anchors) are significant. Applying this concept to isometrics – specifically to, say, pain in the quad or associated system – we use a weighted ball for loading, add our classic contract/relax/breathing, and watch pain dissipate while function gets restored. Give this a whirl around your training and let us know how it goes in the comments ⤵️ Looking for more pain relief and performance-enhancing instruction? Download our Virtual Mobility Coach app to access our library of mobilization videos. Whether you need pain relief, a better warm-up, or a post-training recovery, the app has you covered. Start with the Mobility Test to see where you’re missing ROM and get to work. Download here: Subscribe and turn on notifications to stay current on mobility, performance, and recovery conversations! About The Ready State: The Ready State provides athletes, coaches, and humans of all walks of life the tools to Relieve pain, prevent injury, and improve physical performance. Subscribe to the Virtual Mobility Coach for customized mobility coaching, tailored to your body and lifestyle. Start a 14-day FREE TRIAL today at Connect with The Ready State: Visit the The Ready State WEBSITE: Follow The Ready State on INSTAGRAM: Like The Ready State on FACEBOOK: Follow The Ready State on TWITTER: Follow The Ready State on TIKTOK:

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