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The Daily Echo: Happy 85th Birthday Dad!!! We are always watching you. December 17, 2022

December 17, 2022

I shared this video a few years ago on my Dad’s Birthday and once again I feel the need to share it.  Happy 85th

As a little boy we watch our Hero’s every move…. Today I awake to this day so very thankful to be able to celebrate another year with my Hero. December 17th is a historic day in my life. I think it should be a national holiday. I am so happy that sometime long ago my Dad decided to be a Father…. Anyone can be a Dad, very few DECIDE to be a FATHER. In every area of life I have learned from the best, my Dad. How to be a husband worthy of a choice daughter of God. The way my Dad has loved my mom and the way he has treated her is a constant reminder to me of how a “real man” acts. His aspirations in life have ALWAYS been because of his family. His personal Goals always took a backseat. His family has always been far greater than any worldly aspiration that would bring him glory. You see long ago my Dad figured out life’s success formula….. When your ultimate goal is to provide the best for those you love….YOUR WHY….. The very jaws of hell can open against you and you will find a HOW…. He has never sought glory or prestige for himself. His ego was never larger than any job that would provide for his loved ones. From jumping into a muddy filthy lake to retrieve a watch 15 ft deep, to waking up in Kingman Arizona without a car, in a run down hotel, with his small family of 4 boys and his wife.. That day in Kingman, that afternoon jumping in a lake after a watch, or anything he needed to do to provide for his family he did and he still does today. He left home at an early age and always sent money back home to his Mom and Dad. In my life I have seen him work 2 and 3 jobs to support his family. He still outworks anyone I have ever known. I’m pretty sure in Webster’s dictionary under the definition of “Integrity” There is a picture of Jack Lane and it will say “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give”…. Happy Birthday Dad, Love you and thanks…… Take time to watch this short clip.

The picture today comes for a few years ago ago as I watched my Dad on a Saturday in 100 degree weather work a typical 10 hour day on a job site. This came at the end of a week where he drove 1 1/2 hours each morning at 5 am to the site… Worked the 10 plus hours and drove back the 1 1/2 hours home. Those who know him know this is typical.

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