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The Daily Echo: Happy Birthday Karina!!!!! November 3, 2016

November 3, 2016

I have to celebrate the person who has given me such a choice blessing…… Little Linnea is my daily reprieve from life. How I love to see that little smiley face full of joy and laughter. But…..I am not Linnea’s favorite… As much as I try there always seems to be a “mommy” uttered while I facetime her…… There is no doubt in my mind why that is. Karina is a special person. I remember when Karina was barely older than Linnea and you always knew she was special. Her smile is always bright and her heart is full of pure goodness. Happy Birthday Sweet Karina…. Maybe… just Maybe your little boy will decide to celebrate his birthday with you?????? Special Thanks to Dallin for putting this together..

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