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The Daily Echo: Happy Birthday Troy!!! The Best Oldest Brother anyone could have. September 30, 2018

September 30, 2018

Growing up in a family of 7 children you know there was array of personalities. I was smack dap in the middle. Number 4 the one that is suppose to have all the mental challenges down the road because theory states I was the one to be ignored (haha)…. Well I am sure some might argue that is the case but none the less this isn’t about me. This is about the Oldest of those 7. Another September 30th comes around and another birthday for my oldest brother Troy. I share a video today about the oldest sibling in families. As a parent now I see how important that first child is. Naturally all the other children will look for advice, guidance, and example from that child. It seems like most oldest children just are cut from a difference cloth. In my life Troy was that guy that still today we ALWAYS know we can count on him to be there. Troy is the best and has always been the best. Happy Birthday Brother. Sure love you and can’t thank you enough for always being that sibling to right the ship when storms arouse. Just for reference if your wondering who Troy is in the picture….Yep the one holding the youngest at that time.

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