The Daily "ECHO"

The Daily Echo: Have you settled in life and fall into the “MOST PEOPLE” catagory?

July 21, 2016

Interesting title huh???? Well are you? Are you like “Most People”? OR??????? Have you decided to become more? It’s tough making that decision… You see once you do, you will no longer be “Normal”…. You will hear the whispers from those around you, “He is not the same”…. “What’s up with her”? “Most People” blame others who succeed in life. BLAME you might ask? Yes blame them for working too hard, being lucky, exercising too much, being too skinny, caring too much about money,…..the list goes on and on. Now most of the time the statements are wrong but always remember misery loves company….. Ever eaten something bad for you and tried to get another to take a bite or have half????? Take a look at today’s clip and STOP being “MOST PEOPLE”!!!!

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