The Daily Echo: Heroic in 28 languages…… January 18, 2024

January 18, 2024

Today I am excited to share something kinda CRAZY with you.… Want to see me talking in 25+ languages?! Check out the video here… The power of AI is officially astonishing. 😳 🤯 Of course, these translations aren’t perfect and/or ready to share (yet!) but my goodness it’s inspiring to imagine what we will be able to do in the months and years (and decades!) ahead! As you know if you’ve been following along… We’re ALL IN on fulfilling our mission of helping create a world in which 51% of humanity is flourishing by the year 2051. Of course, to do that, we’ll need to be able to reach people from around the world in their native languages. We’ve already created samples of Heroic content translated into these 27 languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Turkish, and Ukrainian. Check out the full samples of a +1 in each of the languages above here: Day 1. All in. LET’S GO, HEROES!!! 🙌!!! B P.S. It’s funny because 20 years ago I considered learning Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, and Arabic to be able to speak to as many people as possible in their native languages. I chose to focus on mastering the wisdom itself and never could have imagined THIS.

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