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The Daily Echo: How can knowing your DNA improve your health? June 18, 2016

June 18, 2016

The answer to the question I pose is simply choices. By knowing your DNA genotype you can make better choices depending upon your strengths and weaknesses. DNA testing has hit the market running over the past few years. Mostly with ancestry markers to identify your linage. In the athletic world it now has stormed the scene. Today I feature a company from the UK called DNAfit…. Over the past few months I did the Diet Fitness Pro test which is quite elaborate. From understanding if you are more of a genetic power or endurance athlete, how at risk are you for injury to your VO2 max genes. What takes this test a notch further is understanding your genetic tolerance/intolerance to certain foods like carbs, proteins, fats and nutritional needs. The way DNAfit packages your data is a work of art. I also had 2 other family members tested from 2 different companies and while one is still waiting results I can say unequivocally DNAfit far surpasses Fitness Genes in delivering the data. Watch today’s short clip.

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