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The Daily Echo: How Children spell L O V E … August 28, 2016

August 28, 2016

What is the greatest gift we can give our children????? How can we let them know how important they are to us? What can we give them that will give them the best hope for a life of love and happiness? As your mind was thinking of all the material things we can provide, it’s time to think deeper. Take time to watch today’s clip and evaluate if you are giving that most important of all things to your children…. T I M E yes that’s how they spell love.. Now you may shrug off your lack of TIME by justifying your busy schedule that you will say is for them, but in reality they just want YOU. The material things always fade away but your TIME is forever to a child. Take TIME today and re-commit to giving your children the greatest gift you will ever give them..

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