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The Daily Echo: How Good Are You BEING ALONE???? April 5, 2019

April 5, 2019

Big Challenge for me today…. A few years ago I was challenged to turn off the noise in my life for periods of time durning the day. I was going fast and when things got quiet I thought I needed to go again or sleep. I struggled and still struggle with quiet time. As I have ventured into this area I have found many of the answers I am frantically searching for on podcasts, books, search engines…… I already had a better sense of what I needed to do but I needed to give my mind time and quietness to talk to me. As we make a habit of just turning everything off you will find inspiration, ideas, answers, peace that you have been missing out on.

How do we do this? Well the easiest way for me is to turn off everything on my drive to work daily. Just try it for a few days. Nothing at all….NO noise at all. Turn the radio off. Put your phone in the back seat OFF and just see what goes through your mind.

My other area of peace has been first thing in the morning. Many times that is 3:30 or 4 am when it’s dark, still, and quiet.. I absolutely love this time and find my greatest inspiration during this time.

On today’s echo Robin shares incredible amounts of wisdom on this topic.

Most people on the planet today are terrified of being alone.

And yet, there are multiple benefits that come to the leader who carries the wisdom of being alone more often in this noisy world:

1. It is in solitude that you build intimacy with your gifts plus talents.

2. It is in quietude that we can do the deep inner-work that allows us to bring our finest games to our marketplaces (and communities).

3. It is when we are alone that we receive the opportunity to build a relationship with who we truly are.

4. Great geniuses leverage serenity to capture the insights that allow them to disrupt their fields and make history.

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