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The Daily Echo: How is your Burpee? May 13, 2016

May 13, 2016

In today’s episode Carl Paoli of and freestyle connection teaches us the correct way to do a Burpee. I daily interact with patients with pain. Many times going to the gym only exacerbates the pain. When we are performing exercises it is vital we are performing correct movement patterns. If I walk like a duck and then squat in the gym like a duck, guess what happens? You develop multiple issues associated with incorrect biomechanics. Incorrect movement patterns. We have highlighted the book “Deskbound” as the human body owners manual to teach you how to have correct posture (spinal positions). But…….. you must take those correct movement patterns with you into the gym. Carl is a masterful teacher like Kelly Starrett… Tune in today and see how your Burpee measures up?

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