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The Daily Echo: How the “TETRIS EFFECT” is Programing your Life… August 18, 2016

August 18, 2016

Most of us have played the popular game Tetris…. Have you ever noticed after playing Tetris you see most of the world around you in similar shaped block patters? Shawn Achor was part of a group at Harvard that studied students playing Tetris for long intervals… What they observed was Cognitive After Image…. Shawn goes on to explain this Cognitive After Image is not only apparent in Tetris but in many of the things we do in life…. The Tetris Effect is a Key to why our brain is so powerful… It is a training activity for our brain…The problem is what are YOU training your brain with the inputs you are allowing to go in????? Wonder why you focus on negativity, despair, sadness, unhappiness? Are you allowing the news, your friends, your “soap opera” watching to give you those Cognitive After Images? What about the devastating effects of pornography? Take time to watch this short clip and begin to look around you and see what you are allowing to program you……

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