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The Daily Echo: What we can do to protect our children from pornography…. September 27, 2015

September 27, 2015

I have talked about the devastating effects of pornography on our society. Today I share a wonderful video for our children. Unfortunately we can protect our kids from many of lives dangers but this ugly devastating plaque is everywhere. From TV, Movies, DVD’s, Computers, and now smartphones studies show children are it’s latest victims. How can we protect those we love? When you understand how pornography infiltrates and destroys our minds we should do all we can to protect these innocent minds. Pornography dealers do all they can to infect everyone and this doesn’t stop at our children. Recent data shows and explosion of children who now look at pornography regularly…. Take time to watch this short clip and then……. TALK to your children about this…..They have probably already been exposed to pornography in some way, but too confused or embarrassed to talk about it. You would do anything for those you love. Please help protect them from this….

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