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The Daily Echo: How to Rise Above Hard Times with Robin Sharma. March 25, 2019

March 25, 2019

Hard TIMES???? You ever had HARD TIMES? YEP if you are reading this you have had Hard Times. Great echo today as Robin Sharma Shares a Master Class on this topic. Take time to go through this and evaluate how you can deal with Hard Times in the future.

Notes from Robin

I’m absolutely delighted to share a new episode of #TheMasterySessions with you. We all experience seasons in the wilderness where we feel alone, confused, and challenged. If you’re in one of these seasons, you’ll find this session extremely valuable.

In this episode, you’re about to discover:

1. The importance of perspective in navigating challenging periods. (⏩ 00:41)

2. How to take your wounds and turn them into wisdom and transform your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. (⏩ 03:02)

3. The importance of feeling a feeling to heal a feeling [Heartset work]. (⏩ 05:40)

4. Tools to spot the blessings during hard seasons. (⏩ 11:39)

5. A method to see hard times as part of the purification process of your personal heroism. (⏩ 15:16)

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