The Daily Echo: How to Run Longer without getting tired: February 20, 2024

February 20, 2024

How can you run longer without getting tired? Long distance running such as marathon and ultra marathon requires specific training to increase endurance and allow you to run long distance almost without effort. Basically, zone 2 hocus pocus stuff. Those back-to-back long runs will get longer and longer, but you will somehow manage to be less tired during – reaching a state where you could keep going all day. .. And all night. … And some of the next day too! Now let’s be clear, I’m not saying being able to run long distance such as a marathon without getting tired is easy – quite the contrary, it is very difficult. To “make it easy” is in itself quite an achievement. It requires persistence in training, hard work, and patience. But it can be done! And today, I want to discuss about some tips to help you reach this. These tips I’ve discovered while racing 100 milers every month for the past 2 years. They are personal, and although they are quick to give, they are not quick or even easy to follow – but they are simple (and hopefully, helpful!). Lastly, as mentioned in the video, Nora my wife, as been such a great partner through these years of racing. Crewing, pacing, training together. She is a wonderful person – and if you are not familiar with her, have a look at my Ouray 100, Badwater 135 or Leadville races. She is a wonderful person who always gives to other – and she’s been nominated as Best Pacer of the year by ultrasignup. Taking the 2 min to go vote for her would be greatly appreciated as none of these videos would be possible without her tremendous support! ** Please Vote For Nora (Honora Einhorn) as Best Pacer Here:**… As always – Thanks for watching and remember – Work Hard! Believe in yourself! Push your limits! Simon ———————————————– Instagram:   / runningwithsimon   Strava:   / strava   ———————————————– How to Run an Ultra Marathon series: – Training Plan & Long Runs –    • How To Run Your First Ultra Marathon–…   – Are you ready? What no one tells you about Ultra Marathon –    • Are you ready? What no one tells you …   – The 7 MOST Common Running Mistakes! –    • Most Common Running Mistakes – 7 Thin…   – Running Longer (without getting tired) – Ultra Marathon Training Tips –    • How To Run Longer (without getting ti…   – My Top 5 Ultra Marathon – How to Find the Best Race –    • The Best 100 Miles Races & How to Fin…   – Hill Repeat and Uphill Training – How To Run a Hilly Mountain Ultra Marathon –    • Hill Repeat and Uphill Training – How…   – Fuel Your Run – Nutrition for Ultra Marathon & Long Runs –    • Fuel Your Run – Nutrition for Ultra M…   – How to Choose Race Gear (using Leadville 100 as example) –    • Race Gear from Leadville 100 miles – …   – The Bro Code of Ultra Running (Unwritten Rules and How to Behave) –    • How To Run Your First Ultra Marathon …   – 5 Mental Stages of an Ultra Marathon (tips to improve mental toughness) –    • How To Run Your First Ultra Marathon …   – Blisters & Footcare –    • Blisters Prevention and Footcare for …   – Heat Training –    • How To Ultra Running – Heat Training …   My Favorite Race by Distance – Have a look at the race recap to be inspired! – 100+: Sedona 125 –    • Trail Running Sedona 125 Ultra Marath…   – 100 miles: Ouray 100 –    • Ouray 100 miles Ultra marathon – Trai…   – 100k: Black Canyon 100 –    • Trail Running Black Canyon Ultra 100k…   – 50 miles: Leadville Silver Rush –    • Leadville Silver Rush 50 MTB (Leadman…   – 50k: Bishop 50 –    • 55 km Ultra Marathon Running [Racing …  

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