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The Daily Echo: Humility & Genshai: June 21, 2014

June 21, 2014

I was compelled to be humble making this clip as I lost a bet to my son. How we treat ourselves sometimes tells us so much about our own humility. I love the story of Kevin Hall when asked to sign the book of greats in Vienna years ago. He could not because he did not feel worthy. His teacher went on to teach him that when we look upon ourselves as being small we look at others as either being better than us or worse than us. He talked about giving a beggar money. Do we just toss it too him like he is an animal or do we get down and his level and place it in his hands, look into his eyes so he knows we care about him. Just as we look down possibly upon the “beggars” of the world do we admire and feel unworthy around the “stars” of the world. We must know deep down inside we all have infinite worth and we are all equal. By being true to Genshai we are being truly humble.

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