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The Daily Echo: If you could give the PERFECT gift? December 11, 2016

December 11, 2016

Last night I was with my daughter at the mall. Wow….. So many people looking for the “perfect” gift…. It was so bad it took 30 minutes to find a parking spot at this place. I then wondered…. What if we were just as excited to give a “better” gift…. The gift of love and service to those who so desperately need it. What if the nursing home parking lots and the food shelter parking lots took 30 minutes to find a parking spot because so many where there to give love and service. When we think of that perfect gift, can we give anything better than ourselves???? The world doesn’t need anymore PS4’s, X-Box,…….and the list goes on… It needs YOU and I… It needs the very same love our beloved Savior gave so many years ago..

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