The Daily Echo: Improve Your Swim by 12%…… May 16, 2023

May 16, 2023

You can improve your triathlon swim times by 12%! Learn how to freestyle faster as Coach Joanna Nami discusses how to develop swim-specific strength, establish correct muscle memory, and reinforce proper technique. Also, take a tour of Coach Doug Silk’s Captain America themed pain cave. Finally, will Vanessa beat the clock in this week’s Podcast Super Sprint? Andrew gives her just two minutes to recap episode 184: “Swim, Bike, Celebrate: Your Guide to Aquabike.” Catch the full podcast episode at:  0:00 – Show Overview  01:01 – Pic of the Week  01:53 – Captain America Pain Cave 07:07 – Ask A Coach – Why Should You Invest in Your Swim Stroke? 19:42 – Podcast Super Sprint   📸 Follow us on Instagram:  📘 Like us on Facebook:  🎤 Listen to our Podcast:  Our Partners  2Toms:  deltaG:  Dimond Bikes:  Precision Fuel and Hydration:  sailfish:  TriBike Transport:  UCAN:

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