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The Daily Echo: Is Your Shoulder Tweaked? With The Ready State: September 16, 2022

September 18, 2022
Shoulder tweaks happen. They don’t need to stop the show: 1️⃣ Get on your back 2️⃣ Press a kettlebell or dumbbell over your chest 3️⃣ Hang out for 30-60s, breathe, add little movements The weight will push the head of the humerus into the posterior capsule – putting things back in their place, as Ida Rolf would say. Give it a shot and see how it goes. Tired of letting little tweaks keep you from training? Become a Virtual Mobility Coach member to access our library of pre-workout and pre-sport mobilizations as well as an entire pain section devoted to addressing and eliminating tweaks, aches and pain. Start your FREE 14-day trial: Subscribe and turn on notifications to stay current on mobility, performance, and recovery conversations! About The Ready State: The Ready State is the new home of MobilityWOD. The Ready State provides athletes, coaches, and humans of all walks of life the tools to Relieve pain, prevent injury, and improve physical performance. Subscribe to the Virtual Mobility Coach for customized mobility coaching, tailored to your body and lifestyle. Start a 14-day FREE TRIAL today at Connect with The Ready State: Visit the The Ready State WEBSITE: Follow The Ready State on INSTAGRAM: Like The Ready State on FACEBOOK: Follow The Ready State on TWITTER:

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