The Daily "ECHO"

The Daily Echo: Labor Day Blessings of Work (Music & The Spoken Word): September 2, 2018

September 2, 2018

Sunday mornings are a time of reflection, prayer, meditation, and many times listening to Music and the Spoken Word. The music and message set the tone for my Sabbath Day observance. On today’s echo I share last years special Labor Day episode.

As a boy growing up WORK was part of life. I distinctly remember Saturday mornings and my Dad getting us boys up to WORK. As I have aged I appreciate the joy that comes from hard work. In today’s world we are hoodwinked thinking happiness comes from “Ease”…… For those debating my words I challenge you to try it out. The next time you are feeling down or “blue” GO TO WORK!!! Clean your office, house, garage, spray the weeds, serve your neighbor….. Do something and I can promise you the gloom and doom you felt will be lifted by moving your body. Our emotions respond to our physiology. Move and you will feel better. Move in the service of someone else and you will feel even better.

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