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The Daily Echo: Liseberg Amusement Park….Goteborg Sweden. March 3, 2023

March 3, 2023

In 2014 I visited Liseberg, the amusement park in the Swedish city Gothenburg. The park is located on and next to the small mountain identically named Liseberg. It is the biggest leisure park in Scandinavia and belongs to the most visited destinations in Sweden. In 2014 the multi-launched roller coaster Helix, one of the world’s longest coaster with inversions, was opened. Despite the existing terrain and the sparse space for rides, there are many great attractions at Liseberg such as Balder, a wooden roller coaster with a 70° drop, AtmosFear, europe’s tallest free fall attraction with a height of 146 metres (479 feet) above sea level and there was Kanonen, a launched roller coaster with inversions. Don’t miss my other popular Liseberg video:

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