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The Daily Echo: Lorena Born to Run….How Raramuri Runners Dominate Ultra-Marathons in Sandals: January 9, 2024

January 9, 2024

754,980 views Aug 24, 2018We followed Lorena Ramirez, a 23-year-old ultra-marathon runner, as she competed in sandals in a 100K (62 miles) race deep in the Sierra Madre’s Copper Canyon in Mexico. Her community, the indigenous Raramuri people, often called the Tarahumara, have lived among the canyons near Guachochi for centuries. The Raramuri used to only get around by foot, walking or running for long distances in nothing but sandals, a practice that has honed their running technique and primed them for success in ultra-marathons. The Tarahumara were also featured in the best-selling book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. SUBSCRIBE: FOLLOW NBC LEFT FIELD: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: CALL THE FIELD PHONE: ☎️ (315) LF-FIELD VISIT OUR SITE: CREDITS Video Journalist Jordan C Terrell Assistant Producer Aldo Casas

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