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The Daily Echo: Love is a Verb Part 2, Opening car doors. June 8, 2014

June 8, 2014

A simple act of opening a car door for your wife/daughter/mother or date tells how you reverence them. I have had to catch myself in this category. I was taught at a young age by the example and “persuasion” of my Dad to always respect women. This was one of the ways we did so. The world would have us think other wise. Weakness they may shout at the man who does this. In fact there are some women who would get offended if you opened the door for them. They look at it as weakness pointed at them. The very image above shows the shock in the woman’s face as a man opens her door for her. In this episode I hope to re-commit men everywhere to show women the respect they deserve. Yes that means opening car doors.

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