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The Daily Echo: Moments that Matter Most… July 10, 2016

July 10, 2016

With our busy schedules and “to do” list’s we can run through life at a frantic pace without ever enjoying the things that matter most…. Along this journey there will be detours. Those things we don’t expect and can be challenging. I have found the best thing we can do is enjoy the scenery on that detour. We are here to be happy, and what makes us the most happy is in the little things. Laughing at the newly colored wall of your 2 year old with her crayons, getting muddy when it rains with your son, and all the other small opportunities to smile instead of reprimand. As you go forward this week try to enjoy those times you might act otherwise and begin to focus on the moments that matter most. If your not sure how to watch today’s short clip.

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